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Sydney Buses m/o 1239 – Mercedes-Benz O 405NH CNG (Nice ZF) – Sydney Video

Taken 31/5/18 on a route 301 to the city and has a very enthusing ZF. Engine: Mercedes-Benz M447hG 175 kW (238 hp) Euro II rear-mounted CNG-fuelled engine Gearbox: 5-speed ZF 5HP500 automatic Bodywork: Custom Coaches “Citaro”, built in 2000 source

Heena Miss Cola Puri – Sydney Picture

Image published by Shakreez on 2006-12-14 05:28:20 and used under Creative Commons license. Tagged: , baby , face , portrait , fashion , 06 , africa , amsterdam , animals , april , architecture , art , august , australia , autumn , barcelona , beach , berlin , birthday , black , blackandwhite ,…

STA Sydney m/o 1227 – Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG (ZF Kickdown) – Sydney Video

State Transit Authority Sydney Buses Bus No. 1227 Registration: m/o 1227 Chassis: Mercedes-Benz O405NH CNG Bodywork: Custom Coaches ‘Citaro’ Entered service: 2000 Engine: Mercedes Benz M447hG 6cyl 238hp CNG Gearbox: ZF 5HP500 5sp automatic Status: In service operating out of Port Botany Depot Recorded on 15/05/2017. source

STA Sydney m/o 3493 – Scania L113CRB CNG (ZF) – Sydney Video

State Transit Authority Sydney Buses Bus No. 3493 Registration: m/o 3493 Chassis: Scania L113CRB Bodywork: Ansair “Orana” Entered service: 1994 Engine: – Gearbox: ZF 5HP500 5sp automatic Route 311: Railway Square – Millers Point Filmed on 21/03/2017. source

STA Sydney 2001 ST – Volvo B12BLEA (Voith) – Sydney Video

State Transit Authority Sydney Buses Bus No. 2001 Registration: 2001 ST Chassis: Volvo B12BLEA Bodywork: Volgren “CR228L” Entered service: 2009 Engine: Volvo DH12E340 6cyl 12.130L 250kW/340PS turbocharged & intercooled SCR diesel Gearbox: Voith D864.5 4sp automatic Status: In service operating out of North Sydney Depot Filmed on 19/01/2017. source

Sewage Pumping Station No. 1 SP001 c.1900 – Sydney Picture

See where this picture was taken. [?] n 1859 Sydney’s sewerage system consisted of five outfall sewers which drained to Sydney Harbour. By the 1870’s, the Harbour had become grossly polluted (especially with the nearby abattoir at Glebe Island) and there were outbreaks of Enteric Fever (Typhoid) throughout the period 1870s – 1890s. As a…

Sewage Pumping Station No 7 c.1902 – Sydney Picture

Historically it was part of an original network of 20 low level sewage pumping stations constructed at the end of the 19th century to serve Sydney. The station along with the construction of the Bondi Ocean Outfall Sewer (ten years earlier) formed a part of the major advance in the protection of the public health…