Getting my Hair Done | A LIST OF SYDNEY'S BEST SPOTS – Sydney Video

Hey guys!!!

Hope you enjoy this chilled out daily vlog


Sammy xx

Everything you need to know….

Bondi to Bronte coastal walk
Clovelly Beach
Tamarama Beach
Drake’s @ Bondi
Speedo’s @ Bondi
North Bondi Fish
Bondi Bucket List @ Bondi
Icebergs @ Bondi
Coogee Pavillion
Jackie’s Cafe @ Paddington
Dumplings and Beer @ Darlinghurst
Bondi Junction Shopping Centre
Grounds of Alexandria Cafe/Restaurant
Opera Bar
Cafe Sydney
Mr. Wongs
Woollomoloo Wharf- China Doll, Crinitis
Picnic @ The Botanical Gardens
Balmoral Boathouse
Balmoral Beach
Freshblend @ Mosman
Basil Nut @ Mosman
Hugo’s @ Manly
Manly Wharf Bar
Chica Bonita @ Manly
Queen Chow @ Enmore

What I’m wearing…

Necklaces- Sarah and Sebastian
Brown Cardigan- Zara (Sold Out)
Brown Pants- Zara (Sold Out)
Sneakers- Chanel

Hair Dresser- @michaelkellycolourist

For any enquires please contact:

Find me on—

Snapchat- Samrobinson31


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  1. I love so much the atmosphere of your vlogs!! Everything looks so nice, your outfits and interior matches perfectly, everything is so pretty, I can't stop watching it again and again. Thank you for the vlogs, Sam! 🙂

  2. Wow! You are incredibly beautiful


  4. I’m a hairdresser and I’m so glad you mentioned how long it takes and breakage, so many girls bring photos of white blonde and get shocked that it takes ages and breaks

  5. So Beautiful!!! Your hair looks pretty always!

  6. You have become so good with getting out these regular vlogs now. Always great to see what's happening with you

  7. ❤️Sammy❤️ not meaning any offence , but you've started to vocal fry & I had looked up to you for the longest time as you had refused to go down that road in the past, it's what helped separate you want everyone else. Please stay unique and not sounding like every other affluent influencer 🙂

  8. Sammy your hair looks stunning! You are so beautiful!!!!! Love your vlogs <3

  9. hey
    I've been watching your videos for a while now and I love them. You are a beautiful and strong young woman with a unique character. Greetings from Germany. Your videos are also very popular here.

  10. So by expensive how much was it ?

  11. Eternally in love with you ♥️

  12. Oh hey second Gigi hadid lol
    You are so pretty love ur video
    Love to see more of makeup tutorial vid and ur makeup collection too ….
    Lot of love from ALGERIA 😍✌😘

  13. Sammy’s like ya right whatever , 🙄just get me out of here !! So long in the chair. I hate sitting too ! 😑 looks so pretty tho Sam ! 💋 💇 🙌🏻

  14. Love the hair !!😍😍 what fake tan are you using ? ♥️♥️

  15. Icebergs !!! 😮 🏊 🌊 great vid

  16. I am going to visit Sydney soooon! Love the tips 💖

  17. OMG ! you read the comments hahaha

  18. I don't know how but you've become one of my fave youtubers <33

  19. I also highlighted my hair 3 and 2 years ago. Three years ago I paid way too much for not much difference because the hairdresser didn't want to ruin my hair but the "new" color was barely noticable. Then 2 years ago I went to my regular hairdresser, I love her for her cut but she's just basic in coloring. I began to like my highlights 2 weeks after because over the summer was in Cali and therefore out in the sun every day. Now my roots have grown out too much and I don't like my natural light brown color and I'm propably going to make an appointment with an expensive salon and just get my highlights there and my cut at a cheaper place. I totally get what you mean, I rather pay more (even double) if the result is perfect from the beginning on, instead of being semi happy, especially because I'd also only bleach my hair every 10 months I'd say. Thank You for your video <33

  20. You could honestly see the hanger! 😂 Your hair looks fab xxo

  21. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOUR NECKLACE IS FROM THAT YOU ALWAYS WEAR!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ cause I’m obsessed with it 😘🥰😍

  22. Could you pleaseee post a photo on your insta or something of your hair when it’s straight and from the back so we can see what the cut looks like from the back 🙏🏻🙏🏻💕 💕

  23. Your hair looks super cute! ❤❤❤

  24. Every hair dresser needs to watch this so I can stroll in and ask for the ‘Sammy’ 😂🙌🏼

  25. HHmm i feel your hair is too blonde, washes u out a little.

  26. Ur hair is amazing that shade 😍

  27. I really hope the guy that did her hair isn't watching this 🙄 he did a great job and she's throwing a hissy fit for no reason 😂 saying "it's just hair" when he made it look better than before

  28. about the price, i saw comments, baleyage and highlights usually is between 140-160/180 us dollars but keep in mind australian dollar is a lot higher so it can take sammy up to 230-250 aus dollars.

    also what makes this even more expensive is how thick/how much hair you have and how long it is. causde the longer/thicker it is the more bleach needs to be used.

  29. your hair is actually so prettier like that .. but I guess everyone has different perception and you know what you like 🙂 gorgeous as always lady 😘

  30. Definitely need to travel to Sydney before the year is up! Also absolutely love your hair! The length and color is gorgeous 💕

  31. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour of your hair!!!!!!!

  32. Luv luv the hair doll✌👌❤

  33. I love your hair but like it a bit more warm-golden for your skin tone. The very light blonde washes you out a little bit. Still gorgeous no matter what color your hair is.

  34. You have such beautiful classic beauty.

  35. Thank you for sharing your best spots with us! I’ll be in Sydney next month and I can’t wait to try some of these restaurants 🐷❤️.


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