Protesters disrupt horse racing projections on the Sydney Opera House – Sydney Video

More than a thousand protesters gathered at Sydney’s most iconic building to take a stand against advertising for The Everest on Tuesday night.

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  1. A sign of the culture of the government of the day.

  2. Since gambling in Australia is associated with all sports make sure you dont use it again for the national teams who are commercial operations also

  3. Dear The Sydney Morning Herald, I would like to say, thank you, very much, to you, for putting in the time, energy and effort to both upload and share this video with the youtube family. Horse racing or any animal racing is evil. Humans would not like it if animals used as for racing. Racing must go completely. We are not in competition. Human beings are meant to cooperate with each other.

  4. as a Christian i agree 100% its wrong to promote Gambling we have a serious addiction issue in Australia , and people like Allen Jones are Wrong to promote , as the old saying goes the rich get richer the poor get poorer , why not promote the farmers drought relief ? all this talk about helping the farmers , and allen runs to the races ? now Australia promotes Gambling and addiction ?

  5. I'd like to see a brothel advertised on the side of Scott Morrison's church.

  6. Thank you SMH for allow us to comment.
    The liberals will pay dearly next election.
    Malcon Turnbull problem was the last drop in the glass.
    We all know the gambling problem in Australia, is out of control, they call ?? industry??? OMG.
    On top of that the the alcoholism of the entire nation. No one enjoy a drink, most of the people drunk until they drawn they self in alcohol. Every government promote gambling.
    Thanks to Royal commission to the banks, we know how crook they are.

  7. REMEMBER THE OATH Australia,

  8. PornHub will be next 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. All you people getting upset over some thing so trivial. The government has to promote things to make money for YOU !!!! To have a better state. All this over acting, it's not America . Why don't you help the government instead of causing chaos. What example are you sending to the youth of today. Screaming, shouting, lights posted on the site.
    Shame you don't realise you're all over reacting.

  10. that's what the liberals are..thrash nsw…it's now trash…it is trash…trash other businesses n make money from lobbyists…


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