Here are some rare sparkly gems from Drake Sterling in Sydney Australia – Sydney Video

Eric Eigner from acclaimed Numismatic dealer Drake Sterling based in Sydney Australia has a truly impressive stock of rare coins graded by PCGS and NGC. Big thanks to Eric for providing me with some great video of a few of his treasures.

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  1. Hey Brother Numi 😁 When are we getting those mega-unboxings, I'm dying to see all the results……..I can't waitπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰

  2. A trip report, of your, erm, trip, this time around?

  3. Some really nice coins numi. Well out of my price range tho!! Thanks for the share! πŸ‘

  4. wow Numi you gave me gold fever

  5. Nice coins your nearly at 10k buddy

  6. Numi so you know links from presenters never show below in comments

  7. hi Numi…that rare gold is awesome…

  8. Drake Sterling does have some impressive PCGS slabbed sovereigns

  9. nice coins, thanks for sharing.

  10. That was a better than usual INFORMERICAL Numi, But what's up with "inquire about this coin" instead of writing one price for all customers ? Also I see that he charges $5250 AUD For a rather common Aluminium-Bronze error coin that on a luckiest day would get 1/4 of that asking price. Seems like a nice Numi style markup or should I say "value uplift" ?. I bet that you can also get that Sovereign for a fraction of that asking price if you really wanted to.

  11. Nice coins that 1900 proof sovereign looks amazing

  12. Hi Numi
    Thanks again for giving us the chance to see such beautiful coins close up, I am happy to look coins like this all day long before you know what the day has gone.

  13. Not speaking of external links speaking of links he says are below never are for sny presenter


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