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First Tastes: Sydney

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Cafes pop up almost weekly in Sydney – each trying to outdo one another, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity. Most will try to establish a strong Instagram presence; without some “insta-worthy” dishes, it’s hard to even get noticed!

Unfortunately many choose presentation over taste, with dishes not quite meeting the mark. Others outdo themselves and leave some kind of lasting memory. It’s a tough market out there and we had handfuls to pick from, but this one had been recommended to us, and so we decided to give it a shot!

– Two Sis & Co –

306 Harris St, Pyrmont
Open everyday!

The first thing you notice is… “dang this cafe is small!” and this was a good surprise for us. Seeing what they put out, we were immediately impressed that so much was achieved in such a little space! At the same time, cafes are awesome small, as they have a cosy feel, and the place seemed full and bustling!

A fairly new opening, their insta is packed full of colourful, VERY pretty looking dishes, with details on even their drinks and little cakes.

We went for the:
Quinoa Goreng: their take on a “nasi goreng” with quinoa instead of the rice. The quinoa itself was flavourful, with nice touches like their egg and chillies, making it seem a little authentic. What the highlight was though was their tumeric CHICKEN. Looking at it, it doesn’t look like anything special, but it’s a flavour bomb, juicy and delicious! Super memorable!
Shrooms on Toast: very pretty dish with (truffley) mushrooms, egg, parmesan crisps and swirls of pretty beetroot. Awesome brunchy option!
Blue Magic: a special they had on, but they have a blue latte that’s a usual on their menu too. This one was blue, and with the addition of some acidity (lemon juice we think?), it changed colour! Pretty cool trick; all in all tasted like a blue lemonade?
Rose Latte: it was hard to just get a normal coffee here, with taro lattes, blue lattes, rose lattes, matcha lattes on offer. Half of you wants coffee but half of you wants something prettier “for the gram” right?

Do you guys know any new cafes that have opened that are worthy of visiting?
Let us know in the comments!

Uel & Shannelle

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