– Startups – TWiST Meetup, Auckland vs. Sydney – TWiST #280 – Sydney Video

1:21 Welcome to the TWiST Auckland vs. Sydney meetup. 4:25 Thank you to Sourcebits! If you meet with them you get a free meeting with Jason. Email sourcebits@thisweekin.com to get started. 6:25 The first pitch from Sydney is Jesse Black of Teacher Time, a service to connect inspired teachers to each other. 9:10 Jason says he has an affinity for education. Anything that can help teachers find resources is great. This idea is great. 10:25 Lon: Anything that helps teachers is great. It’s a tough sale to get a teacher to pay you monthly. 11:30 Jason gives the pitch a 7 and the product a 7.5. 13:59 Up next from Auckland is Chris White from BigLittleBang, a virtual world for kids that enables musical collaboration. 15:54 Lon liked the pitch. He’s worried about lag and syncing. 17:30 Jason: As a parent he wouldn’t feel wrong about letting his daughter interact on the network. Pitch would have been better if it had an emotional hook to it. 19:55 Thank you to our sponsor GoToMeeting. Everyone thank @gotomeeting! 21:33 Next up from Sydney is Tom Frazier of ProcessGo, a web app to help enterprises select a better business process. 23:40 It’s a really good idea but the pitch could be better. 27:03 Next up from Auckland is Chirag of TranscribeMe, a service to convert word to text. 28:30 Lon: If it works like it says it works, it’d be amazing. Transcription is a huge pain. 30:14 Jason: It feels like I would pay for something like this. What didn’t come through in the pitch was that

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  1. Neojhun says:

    HOLY CRAP, I worked on an early prototype for the Victorian Aust government around 2005 which is in essence Teacher Time. The idea was to create an online forum and dashboard where a class’s curriculum could be managed and information shared Online. This would allow distro of material and collaboration for students. We started with a phpBB forum then heavily customized ontop with a overall dashboard. Sad my team was onto something, we had it tested in a few schools but never got picked up.

  2. Chirag Ahuja says:

    The beautiful and easy to use TranscribeMe iPhone transcription app is now launched. You can download it from the Apple App store now. Its Free to download!

  3. ThePurpleMonkeyKing says:

    Gibbed, gibbed I tell you! Aussies should have won on countback!

  4. Maciek Dulski says:

    Give us Tyler!

  5. Eight3hirty says:

    Kiwis vs Kangaroos 0:28 NZ vs Aussie

  6. joe boulton says:

    Where all the Aussies ?


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