– Startups – TWiST Meetup, Auckland vs. Sydney – TWiST #280 – Sydney Video

1:21 Welcome to the TWiST Auckland vs. Sydney meetup. 4:25 Thank you to Sourcebits! If you meet with them you get a free meeting with Jason. Email sourcebits@thisweekin.com to get started. 6:25 The first pitch from Sydney is Jesse Black of Teacher Time, a service to connect inspired teachers to each other. 9:10 Jason says he has an affinity for education. Anything that can help teachers find resources is great. This idea is great. 10:25 Lon: Anything that helps teachers is great. It’s a tough sale to get a teacher to pay you monthly. 11:30 Jason gives the pitch a 7 and the product a 7.5. 13:59 Up next from Auckland is Chris White from BigLittleBang, a virtual world for kids that enables musical collaboration. 15:54 Lon liked the pitch. He’s worried about lag and syncing. 17:30 Jason: As a parent he wouldn’t feel wrong about letting his daughter interact on the network. Pitch would have been better if it had an emotional hook to it. 19:55 Thank you to our sponsor GoToMeeting. Everyone thank @gotomeeting! 21:33 Next up from Sydney is Tom Frazier of ProcessGo, a web app to help enterprises select a better business process. 23:40 It’s a really good idea but the pitch could be better. 27:03 Next up from Auckland is Chirag of TranscribeMe, a service to convert word to text. 28:30 Lon: If it works like it says it works, it’d be amazing. Transcription is a huge pain. 30:14 Jason: It feels like I would pay for something like this. What didn’t come through in the pitch was that

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  1. HOLY CRAP, I worked on an early prototype for the Victorian Aust government around 2005 which is in essence Teacher Time. The idea was to create an online forum and dashboard where a class’s curriculum could be managed and information shared Online. This would allow distro of material and collaboration for students. We started with a phpBB forum then heavily customized ontop with a overall dashboard. Sad my team was onto something, we had it tested in a few schools but never got picked up.

  2. The beautiful and easy to use TranscribeMe iPhone transcription app is now launched. You can download it from the Apple App store now. Its Free to download!


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