One Direction Shirtless on Yacht in Sydney Harbour – Sydney Video – More Celebrity News! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! The guys of One Direction had some shirtless fun in the Sydney sun yesterday and ClevverTV has all the details. On the heels of their show-stopping performance on Saturday Night Live, One Direction headed directly to play several dates in Australia. But before they get down to business, the guys of 1D are making some time to have some good old fashioned fun. Photogs in Sydney Harbor spotted the guy group boating yesterday and they looked to be having a total blast. Harry was spotted jumping off the boat and in some brightly colored swim trunks, while Liam opted to do some fishing. Later in the day, the guys took some serious relaxation, catching some rays on the yacht’s deck. It’s good to see that the hard-working group is getting some much needed time off — after all, they’re going to be bringing their A-game to Australia — the ladies there are just as excited as the rest of the world’s directioners! Let us know what you think of One Direction’s day off in Sydney by hitting the comments section. And stick with our channel for on-going 1D 411 you can’t live without. I’m Joslyn Davis, see you next time! Hosted by: Joslyn Davis

25 Responses to “One Direction Shirtless on Yacht in Sydney Harbour – Sydney Video”

  1. xBieberIsMyLifex says:

    Taylor Lautner makes Harry Styles look like a little bitch.

  2. Tarz00081 says:

    AND this is why I love living in Australia ;P

  3. LongLiveOneDirection says:

    how funy would it be if one of the guys hooked a spoon on the end of liam’s fishing line!! hahaha

  4. letsgetglorious says:

    because some fuckin girls called him fat

  5. ChikkaChikka18 says:

    Louis has a nice bum…
    Harry has nice curls…
    Liam has nice eyes…
    Niall has a sexy laugh..
    Zayn has AMAZAYN legs..

  6. freakyfreshfruit says:

    @MissCheapMonday02 he’s on a diet and a strict workout rouitne.. he started yhe diet and everything because people were calling him fat..

  7. sharpend pencile says:

    Nooo ur serious xD i masturbate to them to xD

  8. LaLaBbyyy says:

    Liam has NICE ABS !!!! and lol i see Harry’s 4 nippeles !!!

  9. D0min0ble says:

    OMG Y U DID NOT JUST SAY THAT =]]! U bitch ,because of u i lol’d so hard =)

  10. destiny142080 says:

    Dang Harry Got abs

  11. adriannexlopez says:

    Harry styles is looking soo damm fine♥

  12. EbbyGoesWhoa says:

    when i first saw harry i’m all like OH MY GOD asfhkllffgsaseed):(re!

  13. pbcat16 says:

    They are sex gods

  14. jcehsuuys1 says:

    harry is so hot

  15. thebestgirlsever100 says:

    Harry looks the best(look! He probably works-out!!!!!)

  16. Mzkesha101 says:

    all of them are cute

  17. Mzkesha101 says:

    all of them are sexy

  18. Mzkesha101 says:

    all of them are sexy

  19. AmberTaylor LuvsOneDirection says:

    Harry…just stay still for a moment so I can just stare at you…forever. XD

  20. manaalolz says:

    cuz of the nasty mean fans making fun of his flub :( HES PERFECT WITHOUT WORKING OUT!!!!

  21. monoplex215 says:

    where are the nipplesssss TT^TT

  22. GACgirlloveZB says:

    Hahahaha Louis had a GoPro on his head in that one pic! I bet the vids from that are prrrrretty funny :)

  23. Kgposer021 says:

    I sooo dont see four nipples!

  24. ladygaga15fish says:

    They are so hotttttttttttttttttttt luv it!

  25. supermik1616 says:



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