One Direction – Save You Tonight – Sydney concert – Sydney Video

I AM UPLOADING THE WHOLE CONCERT. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! At 0:40 Harry sings “You should open your eyes, take off your clothes.” 😉 1D Australian Tour. 13th April 2012 – matinee. Twitter:

22 Responses to “One Direction – Save You Tonight – Sydney concert – Sydney Video”

  1. shannon4707 says:

    take off your clothes lol

  2. Autumn Bouzane says:

    Who else heard Harry say take off your clothes in his solo?

  3. Osnapitsritty says:

    He said pick up the phone dummy

  4. snowy babe says:

    haha i love how niall smacks harry’s butt at 2:48 and then they turn around and harry chases niall <3 soo cute! xxx

  5. CheerTiger09 says:

    the entire audience should form a band

  6. jezyczkowa says:

    2:42-2:44 look at Harry and Louis :) xd

  7. Lara1DFan says:

    Say Selena Gomez 5 times
    Clap 5 times
    Repost on 2 other vids
    Check your voice

  8. bravelobo says:

    Say Selena Gomez 5 times
    Clap 5 times
    Repost on 2 other vids
    Check your voice

  9. MaddieAndAlyssaShow says:

    This is like the 3rd concert he’s said “You should open your eyes take off your clothes.” Lmfaooo. Cheeky boy .(;

  10. kep2493 says:

    Am I the only one whose heart skips a beat when Louis goes high during his little solo the second time at 2:31?

  11. Niallater1 says:

    Only Niall could pull off an outfit like that:)

  12. snowy babe says:

    this concert was amazing!!! they are amazing <3

  13. cheyennefriar says:

    Mmm so at about 0:55 ish Harry is only eh moving his right hand with the mic in it and he gets faster and faster and then the snow starts on the back screeen o.O XD XD XD XD oh Harry… C:

  14. luckytheJFF101 says:


  15. livemyliferight says:

    ? Just no.

  16. jhube80 says:

    Fine j lu them

  17. DANIELA MERINO says:


  18. WeRThePerfect2 says:

    Lmfao Harry dancing in the beginning

  19. 213ladies says:

    yeah but it actually starts at 0:11

  20. 213ladies says:

    no ): but i want to soo bad

  21. naforever21 says:

    i love their pants too! :) i havent been to one of their concerts yet :( have you?

  22. MustacheLover99 says:

    Harry changes the lyrics:) And I love their pants!!!


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