One Direction Sydney Flash Mob [Official Video] – Sydney Video

Organised by Tahnee Cook (@itstahnee) Mary Chbib (@marychbib) and Emilie Carmona (@BieberMcMuffin) On the 21st of January about 200 Sydney Directioners came together to perform the most epic flash mob for the beautiful boys of One Direction. #1DSYDFlashmob #1DflashmobSYDNEY Bring One Direction…

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  1. Harry Stylesforever · Edit

    Umm, Just because…girl is fat doesn’t mean nothing can stop her, you people can be mean…Fat or Skinny? Does it Matter? No!… They all did the best they could and this is Fantastic! Should be here in MN! on ALL the Boards!<3

    Good JOB I tried to learn the dance I watched this over&over again!:D Love Itt


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