Nitro Circus Live – Sydney Highlights – Sydney Video

Follow all the action from this years Nitro Circus Live Australian Cap city tour. Tickets still available for Melbourne Adelaide and Perth at

22 Responses to “Nitro Circus Live – Sydney Highlights – Sydney Video”

  1. MCrockhopper247 says:


  2. Lane Foster says:

    nice thats awesome good job boys!

  3. afray chesse says:

    none of this was in the bris show cam didnt even do the double

  4. BigDaddyBlash says:

    Austrailia! Fuck yeah

  5. wietvrouw says:

    we need more ryan williams clips

  6. INJ006LC says:

    So Funny. Stop your dayjob and become a comedian

  7. brokenbrit25 says:

    must have been a big crowd considering the thumbs

  8. Byron wallace says:

    ssooooo pissid of i didnt go :(

  9. IpodTouchSyndicate says:

    going tonight! cant wait

  10. Mrtailspin98 says:

    Can’t wait till they come to England and oh yeah of course I got tickets win win

  11. maxmiz98 says:

    body flip

  12. ProtectionDirect says:

    I can’t wait for the US tour. I don’t care how far I have to travel.

  13. scootpro22 says:


  14. cakmirraco5star says:

    they should at a ripstick

  15. danMX96 says:

    that might take a while hahaha

  16. novatotubaboy says:


  17. novatotubaboy says:

    No they won’t, he wasn’t first

  18. danMX96 says:

    yehh haha it was Jackson Strong not Josh Sheehan i fucked up hahaha

  19. novatotubaboy says:

    hey, someone besides jim landed one

  20. TheHaha311 says:

    Another 4 likes and i will shit in my sisters Wallet

  21. Paul269mh says:

    Awesome Show Gutted I missed it arrived in Sydney the week after and was working outside the arena and saw them packing up the gear to move on the tour! Crazy Stunts love it!

  22. B4Y13Y says:



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