This is SYDNEY

This is Sydney ! The remix of the famous duck sauce hit : barbra Streisand… Now this is Sydney… Special thanks to DJ Grigoux and DJ Matche !
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23 Responses to “This is SYDNEY”

  1. Yannick Bingler says:

    i like australian’s capital !

  2. SuperMilhauz says:

    This is Sindy 😀

  3. Blake Davidson says:

    you know what, FUCK OFF zhang alex… “some aussies who are mainly from western Europe”, now who’s the racist? Our Government gives so much support to international students to come to Australia and receive a world class education, and it’s ungrateful people like you who whinge and complain about apparent ‘racism’. I’ll tell you now, go study at other countries overseas and the exact same things happen over there! Be happy and be proud to be part of Australia!

  4. mikhailife says:

    if you never play volleyball with a kangaroo. you can not understand … :- )

  5. mikhailife says:

    if you never play volleyball with a kangaroo. you can not understand … :-)

  6. lizzy17895 says:

    haha what?

  7. mikhailife says:

    i want to make a beach volley with a kangaroo

  8. telkitty says:

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  9. 25maxoz says:

    tell you that there is alot in sydney
    Drunk people asleep on the side of the road!

  10. MiissMaddyJarrett says:

    @Rocco6564 are you fucking high? That’s not true at all. There is NO WHERE in Australia as bad as the worst areas in north America let alone houses for $750,000 in an area like that. Stop talking shit because you clearly have no clue what your on about. Your clearly just jealous that Australians are sexy mother fuckers who live in a sexy mother fucking country. Australia is beautiful and I wouldn’t rather be born anywhere else in the world. Proud to be Australian.

  11. MiissMaddyJarrett says:

    @xL96A1xEXPOx hahahahaahahaha

  12. hannahbanana2121 says:

    That is tourist Sydney

  13. athe2007 says:

    hehehhe true !

  14. garykelly1944 says:

    Great vid. Great editing. Top job. I’m jealous.

  15. 83uoykcuf says:

    Also, I live in Adelaide and there are speed cameras everywhere… I got 3 speeding fines in one month, all were only a couple of kms over the limit and each fine was around $260! Almost every second intersection has a camera and there are cop cars fitted with cameras hiding all around the place… I drove from Toronto down through the U.S. from one side of the country to the other and back again and didn’t see 1 camera! Our country is wrapped in cotton wool :(

  16. 1234canadianguy says:

    I don’t just want to visit Sydney, I want to actually live there!

  17. glennmach says:

    Cool video on Sydney. I like the song as well. Oh how I miss Sydney !! Thumbs Up !!..Cheers,Marc Jones..Los Angeles,U.S.A.(Australian Vocalist-pop/jazz/originals)-Sydney-Aus : )

  18. jennabeez says:

    holy SHIT your parking tickets are $86-$150!! woweeee i thought it was bad in Toronto– $30-60 for a regular one, $150 for a serious one. That’s brutal!

  19. jennabeez says:

    lol #radicalhonesty right here!

  20. jennabeez says:

    *coughs* Canada does…

  21. jennabeez says:

    lol thanks for NOT throwing Canada in there– we’re not the same as the states… (thank god)

  22. jennabeez says:

    quite cold?! we would KILL for a winter like that! try -20… :(

  23. steakyum2 says:

    They are both beautiful. Sydney is more business and structured whereas Perth is more chilled out. Both are unreal. I would live in both


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